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New Zealand Pic's

My love of this country is such that I'm most proud to be a New Zealander,
and am pleased to present to you a few scenic pic's from around the place
Also New Zealand Pictures Collection Two

Ground zero. 54K
Wanta come home?
A water fall near home. Huia
Waterfall at Huia. 34.6K
Auckland map
Map of greater Auckland.
Isis cave
Sacred site, Huia. 28K
A New Zealand Icon
Native Kiwi bird. 37K
Big John
Kauri. 52K
Cape Reinga
Far North. 34K
Bottle nose dolphin
A free dolphin. 28K
Manakau heads. 64K
Near Tititira head. 59.8K
A mountain scene, South Island
Milford Sounds nz. 47.1K
Water fall
Milford Sounds nz. 59.2K
Glacial River South Island
Greenstone river nz. 49.4K

Dinosors at Taupo. 36.6K
Medlands beach
Gt Barrier Island. 50K

Glenhu Bay. 40K

Kowhai flowers. 34K

Lake Wanaka. 29K

Te Kuiti farmland. 34.7K

Nelson. 41.4K

Land of sheep. 37K

Central north Island. 53K

Hawks Bay. 38K

Copper Car. 66K

White Island. 31.2K

Morning camping. 57K

Glacier flow. 25K

Glacier flow 29K

A Glacier Mouth 25K.

Distant view 31K.

Great Barrier View 33K

Mc Laren falls 46K.

Mc Laren falls 2 64K

Milford Sounds 21K.

Mt Tasman 48K.

Pihia 14K.
Spirits Bay 14K.
New Zealand Pictures Collection Two

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