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Karal Studio's
If you're going to play with fire
Be smart & don't get burnt!
Fire Breathing
fire breathing on my stag night
Danger is a fact of life...
You'd best be ready to face!

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group on steps
after the fire breath went outfire breathing with a ball of flamefire breath that turned a corner
34 fire blowers in a circle

Tips for fire breathing.
A suitable fuel for fire breathing with is kerosene.
Anything more combustible is down right dangerous..... 
Be fire safe. 
Be very aware of your every action and those around you watching!! 
*  Always have a bucket of water handy for emergencies. A fire extinguisher is a definite bonus!
*  Do not breath fire in windy conditions. If the wind changes direction just as you blow, you may catch yourself or someone else with a fire ball.
*  Never ever swallow the kerosene.
*  Never breath fire indoors or in confined spaces.
*  Never breath fire in hazardous areas where you may catch other things alight!!
*  Never give someone else "a go" who has not been fully briefed with safety issues and well practiced with the blowing technique.
*  Spectators must stand well back at least 5 metres.
*  Grave warning..... Playing silly buggers with this activity. It is potentially a deadly game!! Mess with the flame, risk life and limb.!!